Our Store Dog, Mica

Mica our store dogMica is the store dog. Everyone loves Mica and she loves everyone. She is often in the store greeting customers. Her favorite thing is to have her tummy rubbed. She will sit, shake, lie down and roll over for a treat. To the best of our knowledge she was born April 1, 2009. Her right front leg was broken when she was quite young. She is in pain and will limp all her life. At some point she was given up or abandoned and wound up at Western Border Collie Rescue. She came to Vail to a foster home and we found her there. Please be sure to pet and visit with Mica whenever you come to the store.
Western Border Collie Rescue is a terrific organization. If you would like to help them out, or adopt a dog like Mica, please contact them via http://www.wybcrescue.org


Mica miniatureOur Queen of Paint, Carol made this figure of Mica. It is amazingly accurate in every detail. She makes these for people on the side. If you would like one of your pet, or as a gift for a friend please email her at

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